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why iceland?

We camped at a lakeside somewhere in Lower Austria. I woke up early in the morning, got out of the tent and saw the fog rising. I took my camera and sat on a rock close to the lake. I loved the loneliness. It was so silent. I became silent.

I live in an urban jungle. Usually I enjoy living there. But city life can be very stressful. I sometimes need a break from crowded places and urban canyons. Well, not just me, also my partner and our dog. With all those dogs in the park… playing, catching, running, swimming. Hard doglife…

That’s why we are always looking for lonely places. It’s not easy to find them. Sometimes it’s troublesome and extremely time-consuming. But the quest for lonely places can also be really exciting and funny.

I was thinking about our next summer holidays. It’s hard for us to relax on a crowed beach with screaming kids. And we hate all-inclusive holidays. So I was thinking of going to Norway, Sweden and there was it: Icleand. I knew Iceland has a lot of lonely places and it would be definitely exciting to travel through Iceland with our tent. And by the way, I always wanted to photograph puffins.

Iceland has been hit hard by the financial crisis and was more affordable than ever. Though still very expensive. It might be a good time for a travel through Iceland.

When my partner attended my silence and our dog jumped into the lake, I suggested to go to Iceland for a few weeks next summer. Well, at this time we didn’t know that a volcanic eruption would thwart our plans.

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