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why I shoot pentax

Pentax K10D with DA 18-55mm

When I decided to switch from analog to digital photography, I was thinking about the right DSLR for me. I used to do nature, wildlife and landscape photography. That’s why I was looking for a weather resistant camera that I could use without worries in the rain or at dusty locations. It’s really annoying if I have to interrupt my work due to rain, snow or sandstorms ;-).

The mainstream cameras like Nikon or Canon with a weather sealed body exceeded my budget for a new camera system. So I played the first time in my life the national lottery. Surprise! I lost the bet ;-). Deeply depressed I searched the web for a cheaper alternative. Thanks to Google I found Pentax.

I ordered a Pentax K10D with Pentax’s SMC-DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 for about 700€ online and was really impressed by the fiber-reinforced polycarbonate, weather sealed body surrounding the stainless-steel chassis. You might wonder, why I bought such an old camera? Well, I bought my first Pentax DSLR in fall 2007 and I have done a lot of shots since.

I believe that Pentax offers features that you don’t usually see in this price range for a semi-pro DSLRs. The Pentax K10D comes with an integrated lens-shift Shake Reduction technology; a full set of exposure modes, including Bulb and external sync and an 11-point selectable autofocus*.

To see if the K10D and I have done a good job in recent years, please click through my blog or portfolio and let me know what you think.

*For a detailed review of the Pentax K10D by click here.

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