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Glowing Fish

Dried fish is really popular in Iceland and is part of their culture. You can buy dried fish in most supermarkets and and convenience stores throughout. But it’s not quite cheap… well nothing is cheap in Iceland. A bag of dried fish will cost you around 8 to 9 euros. With butter it tastes … just try it.

Before the fish can be served it has to be wind-dried nearby the sea and sometimes the fish starts glowing. Very suspicous…

Glowing Fish

PENTAX K10D with Tamron 18-250mm @ 29.38 mm | 1/15 @ f/6.7 | ISO 200

drying fish

PPENTAX K10D with Tamron 18-250mm @ 18 mm | 1/4 @ f/22 | ISO 200

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  1. CrashRyan June 7, 2013

    beautiful fishing scene …. love that background light

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